Impactful 3D Visual Experiences

Impactful 3D Visual Experiences

Tandem 3D Studio

Passionate About Creating Beyond Belief 3D Images That tell Stories

We are an architectural 3D studio With ardent love for design, quality, details and delivering to you the best results

Our team is Composed of Experienced Professionals on Architecture & Design, 100% Committed to You - Passionate for Quality and Transforming Projects.


Our Mission… Deliver Beyond Belief Renderings for Your Projects in Time and in The Highest Quality

Nowadays is more important than ever to create impact on projects, to be able to show the quality of the designs and the art in a way that people would remember what they saw. At Tandem 3D Studio we help companies produce visualizations for those scenarios and make people tangibly feel and live a space working hand in hand with the creators and giving the utmost attention to detail.
In the last 5 years, we have created a bast number of images for: architects, real estate projects, real estate developers, interior design firms, hotel chains, among others. We understand the process, what is important to our client and how to run the process smoothly to get wonderful results in the least amount of time possible.

Brands that are part of our history

Tandem Works Side by Side with You to Create Your Project’s Vision

We are a team whose PASSION is COMBINING EFFORTS and use our IMAGINATION to CREATE REAL scenarios that have an IMPACT, and that people can VISUALIZE. We are INSPIRED by ART to CREATE the FUTURE and to LEARN more every time so that people can tangibly LIVE a SPACE. We work very close with your team and go into deep details to be able to reflect what you have in mind in the images we produce.

Most Projects and Images Never get the Attention without the Right Visualizations

We have seen over and over again incredibly designed projects that just don’t get the exposure they are supposed to, that don’t really excite their target audience or the people that are able to visit them. It does not have to be this way with your projects.

We would produce for you visualizations that break these patterns and with the combined knowledge of your team and ours we would create memorable scenarios for you

Get Next Generation Renderings with a Smooth Process - Tandem 3D Studio

We focus 100% of our energy in creating the best possible images for you, while also doing it efficiently both in time and energy. Our team has many years & projects of experience under its belt, creating projects of all kinds and every time perfecting the process as to where it is today.

Our culture is one of collaboration, responsibility, and constant aim for mastery. That is what we pass on to our clients and the projects we are involved in

Here is What Beyond Doubt We Would Give You Every Time…

Next Day Start: Once we have our onboarding meeting and we tune in with your team we would get hands on the project, no waiting lines.

Next Level Quality: Our team would produce for you beyond belief images every time, with the utmost attention to detail and design, for us this is our mission and our commitment to you.

Easy Process: We know how busy you are, so we developed an easy 3 step process to produce the images: Clear & Simple.

Full Focus: We do one thing and one thing only: Produce The Highest Quality Images for Projects, and we strive to make them better every single day.

On Time Delivery: We understand how important timing is, that's why from day 1 we commit to a specific finishing date and are very serious about hitting it

Mateo Lopez

Co - Founder

Luisfer Osorio

Co - Founder

Gian Molina

Senior 3D Artist

Juan David Alvarez

Senior 3D Artist

Meet The A-Team

Founded by Mateo and Luisfer who’ve been creating outstanding visual experience for clients through 3D renders in the past 5 years.

Our company culture has it’s foundations on sharing knowledge and creating a Tandem to create beautiful images that create emotions in people and that tell stories

Here is What Our Clients Say About Us…

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